Worship Leadership Opportunities

Worship Participation Opportunities

Students, staff, faculty, and the wider community are invited to lead worship. Opportunities include:

  • Plan and lead a worship service
    • In consultation with the director of the Worship Program, plan and lead a service on your own or collaboratively with other students, staff, or faculty members.
    • Engage a worship tradition, practice, or style with which you are already familiar or explore something new!
  • Serve as a liturgist
  • Serve Holy Communion
  • Bake Communion Bread
  • Offer musical leadership
    • Enliven congregational singing in a variety of musical styles. Solo and ensemble opportunities are available.
    • Christian Contemporary and Gospel: a core group of musicians interested in leading CCM and gospel music offers leadership during daily worship and special services.
    • Taizé Ensemble: Taizé services are supported by cantors and a wide range of acoustic instruments.
    • Offer an instrumental prelude, postlude, or other musical meditation

Student Leadership in Worship

Additionally, students are invited to serve on the Chapel Team or as chapel coordinators. 

  • The Chapel Team is comprised of students who show dedication to the Worship Program and a strong interest in worship and liturgy.
  • The Chapel Team meets weekly with the director of the Worship Program. Some of these meetings are devoted to theological and liturgical reflection while others focus more practically on worship planning and evaluation.
  • Chapel coordinators are members of the Chapel Team who further support the Worship Program by attending to logistical needs. These are paid positions under the supervision of the director of the Worship Program. Positions include chapel communications coordinator, chapel facilities coordinator, and chapel audiovisual technician.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, contact , director of the Worship Program.