Directors' Bicentennial Professor of Theology
Year started at PTS: 2009




  • Ph.D., Yale University / Religious Studies (theology)
  • Diploma, Berkeley Divinity School, Yale University / Anglican Studies
  • M.Phil., Yale University / Religious Studies
  • M.A., Yale University / Religious Studies
  • M.Phil., Utrecht University / Philosophy
  • M.Div., Utrecht University
  • B.Div., Utrecht University / Theology


  • Christology
  • Rethinking Church: Ecclesiology
  • Christian Spiritual Traditions
  • Models of Atonement
  • Pauline Exegetes and Protestant Theology
  • Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics
  • John Calvin’s Narrative Theology
  • Churches Amidst Secularization
  • Introduction to Systematic Theology
The Rev. Dr. Edwin Chr. van Driel
Professor van Driel believes PTS challenges students to live in community with people who are different from them.

Church Association

Ordination: PC(USA), 2010 as Minister of Word and Sacrament

Professional Competencies

Areas of Specialty

  • Christology
  • Eschatology
  • Ecclesiology

Professional Service

Leadership for Professional Societies

  • Member, Presbyterian Committee on Congregational Song
  • Member, Editorial Advisory Board of the PC(USA)’s Book of Common Worship
  • Participant, Theological Consultation 1001 New Worshipping Communities


  • 2005: John F. Enders Award, Yale University Graduate School
  • 2004: John Perry Miller Award, Yale University Graduate School

Additional Resources

The Future of the Church

A couple of years ago Van Driel published an article in Theology Today about the unity of the church. As many in our culture think about the church as a voluntary organization, he proposed to think about the church as grounded in God's covenant of baptism. Van Driel then applied this to the manifold conflicts in the mainline churches: If our unity is not a voluntary unity based on our common convictions, but we are united because we are called together by God in our baptism, what does this mean for how we deal with disagreements in the church? He further developed his argument in the manuscript below.

Chapter 1 - Church and Covenant
Chapter 2 - Outside the (United) Church Is No Salvation
Chapter 3 - Bearing With One Another in Love
Chapter 4 - The Household of God (Rooted in the Future)
Chapter 5 - The Household of God (Living As God's New People)

Re-Thinking Church

In the December 2014 issue of Presbyterians Today, Professor van Driel argues that our biggest issue is not conflict in the church but what it means to belong to a church. Read the full article. Used with permission.

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  • Doing it Different is a limited podcast partnership with Porshanality Media and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. Listen to this wonderful overview of several PTS Doctor of Ministry focus areas highlighting faithfulness and adaptability as vital to the work of ministry in this moment and as central to the discussion and learning in the DMin program. Porsha Williams Gates facilitates this discussion with the Rev. Ayana Teter, Dr. Edwin van Driel, and Dr. Roger Owens. Listen now.