During its 214th commencement, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary honored Rose Joyce with The Calian Prize for Campus Community Service.

This award is given to an exemplary member of the Pittsburgh Seminary community, who demonstrates excellence in carrying out responsibilities and volunteer assignments and also expresses a caring spirit of good will and hope essential in life together as a community. The award is in recognition that all members of the community are an important part of the success of the Seminary.
This year’s award was given to Rose Joyce who retired from the Seminary after 14 years working in the kitchen. Throughout the years Rose prepared our food with love. She remembered who liked green beans and who did not. She knew the community members by name, knew the troubles we faced, and showered us with love and care day after day. While Rose faced her own serious troubles over the years, she always greeted us with love and a smile. Those guests returning from year to year for special events called her a “customer favorite.” Rose joins her husband in retirement. Together they plan to travel, first to Mexico, and spend time with their grown children and young grandchildren.

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