The annual Albright-Deering Lectures were held May 1, 2014. Keynote speaker Andrew S. Park, professor of theology and ethics at United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio, presented two lectures on the theme "The Holy Spirit, Healing, and Holiness."


"Broken-heartedness/Sin and Healing/Holiness" Jesus was concerned about both the salvation of the sinner and the liberation (healing) of the sinned-against. The Bible provides two intertwined roads to salvation and liberation for all. We will examine these two tracks for the fulfillment of the purpose of Jesus’ ministry, highlighting the healing of the sinned-against and the holiness of the sinner. It is important for us, however, to remember that we are sinners as well as the sinned-against. 


 "The Holy Spirit and Healing/Holiness" Is there any distinction between the Holy Spirit (pneuma hagion) and the Comforter (paraclete)? The Comforter is the key to healing and sanctifying the body of Christ. In our mainline churches, we have recently experienced deep woundedness, broken-heartedness, rejection, shame, and guilt. Where injury (han) and sin converge at our sorrow, our healing and holiness will embrace each other’s pain and rupture in the power of the Holy Spirit, bringing a balm to the broken body of Christ. It is crucial for us to understand the Will of the Comforter for the hope of the church and of the world.