Albright-Deering 2024 "Reclaiming Discipleship" Lecture Videos

During the 2024 Albright-Deering Lectures, the Rev. Dr. Frederick Edie and the Rev. Dr. Reginald Blount reenergized our imagination around youth and young adults in our congregations, communities, and neighborhoods.


Corporate Worship, Means of Grace, and the Faith Formation of Youth 2024 Albright-Deering Lectures
Dr. Edie considers how to bring young people to the heart of the congregation through corporate worship.
Social Impact and Social Witness as Acts of Discipleship 2024 Albright-Deering Lectures
Dr. Blount asked "who are we sending our congregations (and young people) forth to be in the world?"
Reclaiming Discipleship 2024 Albright-Deering Lectures
Drs. Edie and Blount's respective areas of expertise come together in this presentation to consider how to reclaim a sense of discipleship in our faith traditions.