“Many of the Seminary’s faculty members helped nurture me in such a way that I had the confidence to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ boldly. Without them, I would not be the pastor I am today.”

God’s people need someone to proclaim the Word to them; they need someone to pray with them; they need to know that someone cares for them; and they need someone who will declare to them again and again: “Your sins are forgiven.” The Rev. Tom Moore ’07/’10, temporary associate pastor at Pleasant Hills Presbyterian Church, has been ministering in these areas for five years and can still say, “I love my job and I could never imagine doing anything else.”

Tom first came to the Seminary anticipating that he’d go on to pursue his Ph.D. He enjoyed a rigorous academic life and did not see a place for it in pastoral ministry. However, after completing his field education requirement, he says, “I realized that I placed a false separation between being academically minded while also being a pastor. I soon discovered that pursuing the life of the mind enhanced my pastoral identity.”

At the time of his graduation, Tom felt well-prepared for ministry; he had gained lessons inside and outside the classroom. “Pittsburgh Seminary faculty are theologians, scholars, and historians who are both experts in their fields of study as well as deeply faithful Christians,” says Tom. “To have professors who encourage you to stop by their office or eat lunch with you is truly transformative and provides an extension from the classroom to every day life.” Beyond the classroom Tom found spaces for ministry within the city. “The Seminary’s urban location provides a wonderful, missionary immersion experience with many opportunities on hand,” says Tom.