BookTalks is a collaborative effort of Barbour Library and the Center for Writing and Learning Support featuring in-person and webinar conversations with PTS faculty and community members as well as other guests whose work is theological in nature. Our host Dr. Shan Overton not only highlights the books' subject matter, but also discusses the authors' writing processes, welcoming audience questions throughout. BookTalks are enhanced by library staff-curated subject guides and library displays for those interested in finding related resources. Recorded and linked to the PTS website and social media channels, BookTalks are envisioned to be creative resources that engage all who participate in theological and spiritual reflection and knowledge.

Upcoming BookTalk

Loving What Doesn’t Last: An Adoration of the Body with Christina Kukuk

Join the Seminary online Feb. 24, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. ET, for our next BookTalk, this time with PTS alumna Christina Kukuk '05 about her recent book, Loving What Doesn’t Last: An Adoration of the Body.

Loving What Doesn’t Last: An Adoration of the Body (Morehouse Publishing, 2021) is a book for all who inhabit a body and wonder about its place in the universe. Through lyric essays and poetry,  Kukuk finds the spiritual in the most material bodily experiences: a 21-year-old victim of the opioid crisis, the mother who plants an orchard in his memory, a girl’s tumble through food scarcity, an adolescent awakening to infatuation at summer camp, and a woman waiting hours for her lover’s recovery on a hospital’s transplant floor. Earthy and divine, funny at times, Loving What Doesn’t Last invites readers into an adoration of the body—birth, food, love, pain, death, and water become skin-wrapped windows into the holy.

Kukuk is a graduate of Pittsburgh Seminary and has been an ordained pastor in the United Church of Christ for more than 17 years, serving congregations in Cleveland and rural Southern Oregon, amongst other places. A writer and pastor currently living in Oregon, Kukuk attended journalism school at Kent State University and worked as a business reporter for the Akron Beacon Journal in Ohio. Since then, her freelance work has appeared in numerous publications, including Belt MagazineBearings OnlineGEEZ MagazineThe Christian Century, and Spirituality & Health

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