Ea Kyoung Jun MDiv program studentKorean native Ea Kyoung Jun (a.k.a. Amy), junior M.Div. student at Pittsburgh Seminary, has been “doing ministry” most of her life. 

“It’s like what Paul said in Romans: I am set apart for the gospel, because I don’t think anything is precious but spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ,” she said, a smile spreading across her face that radiates a deep joy. For almost 23 years, Ea Kyoung has been a helpmate to her husband’s ministry, first in Korea as an elder, then as co-pastor at the Korean United Methodist Church in Baltimore, Md.  Four years ago, he was appointed a full time pastor position at the Pittsburgh Korean United Methodist Church, and she assists by serving as interpreter, youth group teacher, and Sunday worship praise leader.

Upon moving to America, Ea Kyoung and her family faced financial difficulties and she found herself working outside the church. However, she started feeling nudges from the Holy Spirit calling her to devote herself fully to the kingdom of God, but not just for her husband’s ministry but for something God was preparing for her. Unfortunately the tension of their financial situation kept her from trusting the still small voice of God calling her to more.

That is, until Ea Kyong encountered the scripture of Matt. 6:33, “Seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Her heart felt a strong conviction, experiencing God filling her with peace, realizing she needed to trust God.

“When I was inspired by the word of Matthew 6:33, I was not only given the conviction to overcome the financial problem, but also to overcome anger, fear, and hatred. God continues to show to me His power and mercy and love, and I want to share those with this ever darkening world,” she says.

This seeking led Ea Kyoung to seminary. She didn’t fully understand why or how, she just knew she had to go because God was calling her there. So here she is, following not her will but God’s will, preparing the rest of her life for the most precious thing—spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Written April 2014