With a master’s and doctorate from Vanderbilt University, a master of divinity from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a position at PTS as assistant professor of homiletics, the Rev. Dr. Lisa Thompson is on her way to becoming the leading African-American homiletician of the future—and many believe she will be. In addition to her teaching experience at several schools (including Vanderbilt University, McCormick Theological Seminary, and Association of Chicago Theological Schools), she has served as an instructor-coach at the Academy of Preachers.

An ordained minister in the National Baptist Church, Lisa has also served as a campus pastor at Asuza Pacific University. That role has prepared her well for interacting with and modeling ministry for the wide variety of students at Pittsburgh Seminary. Deep pastoral wisdom and spiritual maturity mark Lisa’s mentoring both in the classroom and the church, and she fosters an infectious excitement on our campus in the areas of preaching and worship.

Lisa has studied, lived, and ministered literally across the United States. Having grown up in North Carolina, she completed her undergraduate education at UNC Charlotte before moving to California to attend seminary, then heading partway back “home” for her master’s/doctorate in Nashville. Her exposure to and ministry in these distinctive areas of the country have given her the necessary breadth of experience for effectiveness as a minister-professor in the multi-cultural city of Pittsburgh.

Recognized for her academic excellence with fellowships from Lilly, Vanderbilt, and Fund for Theological Education, Lisa has clearly earned her sought-after reputation as a homiletician. And with published sermons titled “Yes God!” and courses called “Preaching the Headlines,” you can imagine her effectiveness in preparing pastors for bridging the Word and the world!