Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will present the spiritual formation elective “Benedict and Francis: Their Lives and Legacies” March 17-20. Bernard Tickerhoof, TOR, director of novices at St. Francis University, Loretto, Pa. will lead the program.

This course invites us to pause and reflect on the lives of two Italian saints, one from the First, and the other from the Second Millennium. Their lives and legacies have left an impact on the religion, culture, and spirituality of Western civilization that continues even today. The course will look at the historical context that prepared and received both Benedict and Francis. It will explore the lifestyles each advocated and the spiritual insights foundational to them. It will then survey the legacy of the men and women of history who have sought to follow their ideals. Finally, it will return us to our own day, and invite us to look at our world through the vision of the Benedictine and Franciscan traditions that remain alive and vibrant in the 21st century.

Registration fee for this course is $350 (plus some meals and housing) and 3 Continuing Education Units are available upon completion. Contact the Office of Continuing Education with questions at 412-924-1345 or ConEd@testsite.pts.edu. Learn more and register online.

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