Anticipated cohort beginning in June 2023

After serving some years of ministry, many people find that not only are their own souls feeling empty but that they never really learned how to help others deepen their lives of prayer, even though this is something they long to do.


What is the D.Min. Christian Spirituality Focus like?

The Doctor of Ministry Christian Spirituality Focus is designed to give Christian ministers the opportunity to explore the depth and breadth of Christian spirituality across time periods, cultures, and contexts while providing key skills to equip them to help the people they serve become increasingly open, available, and responsive to the work God is doing in their lives and in the world God so loves. Students will experience the joy of study in a community of learners, the rejuvenation that comes from attending to their own lives of prayer, and the satisfaction of widening the impact of their ministries by receiving a certificate in either Spiritual Direction in Ministry or Leading Spiritual Formation.

All students must be in one-on-one spiritual direction before Intensive II and throughout the remainder of the program and should ideally have experience in one-on-one spiritual direction before the program.

Beginning after Intensive II, students seeking a certificate will engage in the ministries of either spiritual direction or spiritual formation with bi-monthly distance peer-supervision sessions.

  • Spiritual Direction in Ministry: Monthly meetings with at least two directees beginning after Intensive II and continuing for 18 months, with nine peer-supervision sessions.
  • Leading Spiritual Formation: Monthly leadership of spiritual formation (or equivalent—leading a retreat would count as two months of spiritual formation, for example) beginning after Intensive II and continuing for 18 months, with nine peer-supervision sessions.

Students may choose to receive a DMin in Christian Spirituality without receiving a certificate. In this case, students will not engage in peer-supervised ministry, but will engage in all other practices sessions and complete the DMin project/thesis.

Combining skill-building and academic rigor, along with faculty who have expertise in the field of Christian spirituality and are committed to living deeply spiritual lives, this program helps students deepen their own lives of prayer while learning to help others do the same.
- The Rev. Dr. L. Roger Owens, Associate Professor of Christian Spirituality and Ministry


The Doctor of Ministry is a professional doctoral degree providing space for renewal, growth, companionship among peers, and rich dialogue with faculty. The D.Min. allows you to step out of your ministry context to sift through new information and ideas while at the same time stepping back into your ministry context to discover how and why that learning matters. At the end of your course work, you will design and implement a project that engages your ministry context in conversation with your work in the classroom. 

What are the classes like?

Each course will:

  • Engage students in biblical and theological reflection
  • Make space for the students to practice prayer and reflect on their own lives of prayer
  • Attend to how the subject matter of the course is shaped by culture and context and takes diverse expressions
  • Provide some opportunity for students to relate the subject matter of the course to their own ministry contexts or to the ministries of spiritual direction and spiritual formation

During the program, students will take the following courses:

  • Christian Spirituality: Traditions, Contexts, Practices
  • Research Methods
  • The Ministry of Spiritual Direction
  • The Ministry of Spiritual Formation/Teaching and Leading Spiritual Practices
  • Spirituality, Church, and World
  • Deep Listening/Psychological Concepts for Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation
  • Spirituality and Discipleship in the Gospels
  • African American Christian Spirituality
  • Practicing Discernment Together
  • Protestant Spiritual Traditions

Who will teach in this cohort?

Students will learn from PTS professors Roger Owens, Leanna Fuller, Tucker Ferda, and Ken Woo, and practioners Amy Oden and Shan Overton among others.

Upcoming Cohort

Classes in the Christian Spiritualty Focus meet for two weeks in January and June for three years. This program is 36 credits and is typically completed in three to four years. Apply now to reserve your space in the next group. Financial aid and scholarships are available for those who qualify. 

doctor of ministry in Christian spirituality

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Episode 5 offers a wonderful overview of several Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry focus areas as it highlights faithfulness and adaptability as vital to the work of ministry in this moment and as central to the discussion and learning in the Doctor of Ministry program. Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media facilitates this discussion with the Rev. Ayana Teter, Dr. Edwin van Driel, and Dr. Roger Owens of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.

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