Scott Lawrence MDiv program studentIt seems to be a reoccurring theme in life that what was originally planned is not what happens. Scott Lawrence, senior M.Div. student at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, has witnessed this occurrence in his life.

The Fredonia, N.Y., native started his collegiate education majoring in communications with intentions of going into broadcasting. Yet, the more he dived into the major and the courses, the more he didn’t feel satisfied in that field. However, the time he invested in his studies were not going to waste.

“It was in college that I started taking my faith seriously, and through that realized I did have gifts for ministry that I in fact gleaned from communications. I could feel God calling me to use these gifts for pastoral ministry.”

After graduating from Westminster College in New Willington, Pa., in 2010, Scott took some time for discernment before starting third term in 2011 at Pittsburgh Seminary.  He chose PTS due to its location and being a United Methodist Accredited School, since Scott is a member of The United Methodist Church. Scott is serving as a student pastor at Miller United Methodist Church, offering him the opportunity to bridge academics and the church.

As Scott reflects on his years at PTS, he is grateful for the lesson of humility. 

“The more you dive into theology and worship the more you realize just how small you are in comparison to God.  It’s truly humbling, but extremely good, because ‘He must increase but I must decrease’ (John 3:30).”

Written January 2014