Pittsburgh Theological Seminary will host the Immersion Weekend, the foundational course in the Spiritual Formation Certificate program, Jan. 28-31.

Throughout the weekend, time will be spent on the program’s four components: academic, communal, personal, and practical. Participants will consider Hebrew Spirituality, New Testament Spirituality, Monastic Spirituality, and Reformed Spirituality. An important facet of the event is the opportunity to reflect on one’s spiritual pilgrimage. Participants are led through guided meditations and spend time in prayer, reflection, and journaling. The Immersion Weekend provides a safe place on a risky journey to be with God; encouraging laughter, fellowship, recreation and rest with other Christians through Scripture, prayer, singing and worship; offering academic and practical learning through lectures, reading, and discussion. The group will also answer questions about program requirements and future courses. Presbyterian minister Betty Voigt will direct the weekend’s activities. 

To make a reservation for this event, or to learn more contact 412-924-1345 or ConEd@testsite.pts.edu.

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary is a graduate professional institution of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A). Founded in 1794, the Seminary is located in Pittsburgh, Pa. and approximately 320 students are enrolled yearly in the degree programs. The Seminary prepares leaders who proclaim with great joy God’s message of good news in both word and deed. PTS is rooted in the Reformed history of faithfulness to Scripture and commitment to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.