Events in bold are free and open to the public. Events may require pre-registration and/or payment.


January 2020

Jan. 30, Feb. 27 March 26 and April 23, 2020 / Preaching a Relevant Word to a Restless People / Donna Giver-Johnston

February 2020

Feb. 7 / Backs Against The Wall: The Howard Thurman Story / Community Conversation on Race and Faith and the Kelso Lecture / Martin Doblmeier and Walter E. Fluker

Feb. 8 / At the Intersections Where Worlds Collide: Creating Local Communities at the Intersections of Race, Faith, and Culture / Walter E. Fluker / Please note: Interested attendees must apply for this workshop. 

Feb. 13 / The American Religious Landscape / Conversations and Community / Islam at Islamic Center of Pittsburgh, 4100 Bigelow Blvd, Pittsburgh, Pa.

March 2020

March 5 / Bridging the Divide: A Conversation about Sexuality and the Church / Justin Lee and Ray Low   

March 6 / People before Issues: Pastoral Engagement with LGBTQ Members of Your Community / Justin Lee and Ray Low

March 8 / Pub Talks: Practices of the Common Good / Zack Block / Full Pint Wild Side Pub, Lawrenceville, Pa.

March 9-April 3 / Collective Decision Making: Beyond Robert’s Rules / Online Class / Barbara Blodgett

March 11 / United Methodist Pastor Workshop / Amy R. Valdez Barker

March 12 / Just Like Me: Learning to Trust / Albright-Deering Lecture in Methodist Studies / Amy R. Valdez Barker

March 13 / The American Religious Landscape / Conversations and Community / Jim Gilchrist

March 16-April 4 (online); April 17-18 (retreat) / A Brief Theology of Christian PrayerHybrid Spiritual Formation Event / Ron Cole-Turner 

March 16-20 / The Art of Transitional Ministry, Week 1 / Paul Rhebergen and Jan Nolting Carter

March 27 / When the Well Runs Dry: Compassion Fatigue and the Work of Professional Caregiving / Donna M. Posluszny, Leanna Fuller, and Joanne Spence

March 29-April 1 / The Four Women Doctors: Teresa of Ávila, Catherine of Siena, Thérèse of Lisieux, and Hildegard de Bingen / Spiritual Formation Elective / Sr. Kathleen Flood

April 2020

April 29 / Sin, Racism, and the Challenge of Contemplation: A Theological Proposal / Schaff Lectures at PTS / Sarah Coakley

April 30 / Reconsidering the Fall: Desire Gone Awry and Its Consequences / Schaff Lecture in Youngstown, Ohio / Sarah Coakley

May 2020

May 4-15 and May 25-June 12 (online); May 17-20 (retreat) / Immersion: Invitation to a Deeper Spiritual Life / Hybrid Spiritual Formation Foundational Retreat / Mary Lynn Callahan and BJ Woodworth

May 15-17 / The Contemplative Practice of Motherhood / Spiritual Formation Retreat / Lauren Burdette and Renée Prymus / Villa Maria Education and Spirituality Center, Villa Maria, Pa.

May 31-June 3 / Religion and the Common Good / Henderson Summer Leadership Conference / Valarie Kaur

June 2020

June 1 / Henderson Lecture on Church and Ministry / Valarie Kaur

June 14-17 / All for the Glory of God: An Ignatian Retreat / Spiritual Formation Elective / Jeff Eddings

July 2020

July 19-22 / Walking in the Footsteps of Henri Nouwen / Spiritual Formation Elective / BJ Woodworth