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The Miller Summer Youth Institute at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary provides a seven-week College Internship Program for first-year to graduating seniors in undergraduate institutions. We are seeking 12 college-aged students to participate in this internship program. Special note: The program is currently run as a virtual experience, but if circumstances allow, we will try to incorporate some in-person programming for interns on the Seminary campus.

There will be two components to the Virtual College Internship: (1) A vocational discernment piece, guided by seminary student mentors and (2) An interfaith spiritual/theological formation piece in the form of a seminar and research project that will meet twice a week.

Vocational Discernment Activities

Interns will engage a variety of text, media, and art as part of reflection on the vocational questions: Who is God calling me to be? What is God calling me to do? They'll meet with college intern mentors and small groups to discuss the week's media and themes.

Spiritual and Theological Formation Activities

Interns will meet twice a week over seven weeks for a guided seminar on a theological topic. Through this seminar, students will be introduced to major theological questions and, through breakout sessions, will reflect on their own spiritual journey and on the various ways they are being called into deeper reflection on their lives and their roles within their communities—religious and otherwise. 


Interns will receive a $1,000 stipend. Because this is a virtual internship program, interns will be able to work or volunteer in their home communities over the course of the seven weeks.


Interested in joining a SYI summer internship cohort over your summer? We are currently accepting applications for Summer 2023. Apply online!


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