Wise Women and Spirituality

Community and Conversations Series



Online Oct. 22 and Nov. 19,  2020, Jan. 21, Feb. 18, March 18, and April 15, 2021, 7:30-9:00 p.m. ET


Howard Thurman reminds us, "How good it is to center down!” – reflecting on the hunger deep in our spirits for the “still moment and the resting lull,” the space where balance can emerge. But in these unprecedented times, the tasks pile on – the care for home, work, and others – while at the same time, we don’t have access to the relationships and resources that ground us. The possibility for respite and retreat seems so far away. Indeed, we cannot go out, but perhaps we can follow Thurman’s lead and go in, deepening our interior lives and finding the presence of the life-giving Spirit right where we are, finding the sacred in the ordinary.

If this speaks to your experience, join us for our Community and Conversations series! Spend six monthly evenings with wise women who have found ways to anchor and sustain themselves spiritually in the midst of these times. Think of each session as a “micro-retreat,” a time set apart, including conversation, practices, community, and an experience of the gifts each of these women will bring. Registrants will be provided with materials to help connect the series together and will be encouraged to form cohorts of friends to experience the sessions with each other. 


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