Doctor of Ministry Podcast - Doing it Different

Welcome to Doing it Different, a limited podcast partnership with Porshanality Media and Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. This podcast explores the Seminary's cutting-edge Doctor of Ministry degree and its various focus areas, through conversations with faculty, staff, and students alike. Cheers to Doing It Different

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Episode 1The relationship between womanism and the new Creative Writing and Public Theology Doctor of Ministry Focus at Pittsburgh Seminary is explored in a conversation with Porsha Williams Gates and Dr. Shan Overton, hosted by Shannon Garrett-Headen. 
Episode 2Porsha Williams Gates explores the Doctor of Ministry program at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary in a discussion with Ramona Spencer, PTS D.Min. program coordinator, and Dr. Denise Thorpe, PTS D.Min. former interim director.
Episode 3The new Intergenerational Black Church Studies Doctor of Ministry Focus, including its origins, hopes, and dreams, is the subject of this discussion between Dr. Drew Smith, faculty mentor, and Porsha Williams Gates.
Episode 4Race, theology, gentrification and aesthetics feature prominently in this discussion of work at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary under a grant from the Henry Luce Foundation. The grant examines the soft violence of gentrification and displacement as well as the hard violence and death that plays out in neighborhood change. An important feature of the grant is attention to sensory formations of race and place, and this discussion highlights how a focus on aesthetics informs the work of the grant and its intersection with life and formation at the Seminary. Dr. Drew Smith, Dr. Denise Thorpe, Dr. Scott Hagley, and PTS student researcher Shannon Garrett-Headen participate in the discussion with Porsha Williams Gates.
Episode 5This podcast offers a wonderful overview of several Pittsburgh Theological Seminary Doctor of Ministry focus areas as it highlights faithfulness and adaptability as vital to the work of ministry in this moment and as central to the discussion and learning in the Doctor of Ministry program. Porsha Williams Gates of Porshanality Media facilitates this discussion with the Rev. Ayana Teter, Dr. Edwin van Driel, and Dr. Roger Owens of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary.
Episode 6In this podcast the Rev. Porsha Williams Gates interviews Dr. Jennifer Kaalund, associate professor if New Testament at PTS. Dr. Kaalund talks about hope, womanism, favorite Scripture passages, and her commitment to interpreting Christian Scripture as a word from God that brings people together rather than as a weapon that wounds.
Episode 7In this podcast Porsha interviews Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s president the Rev. Dr. Asa Lee about “all things theological education” with an emphasis on the call upon seminaries to equip people to offer their gifts to further God’s dream for the world. In his discussion with Porsha, President Lee shares his call story and talks about his doctor of ministry work and the importance of the arts to his own theological formation.
Episodes 8a and 8bThe relationship between worship, liturgy, and justice is the topic as Father Jemonde Taylor and students in the class he taught in the Parish Risking Faithfully cohort at PTS discuss images of light and darkness, the projects they created for their class, and the ways liturgy may form and deform us. The Revs. Diane Knauf, John Callaway, and Karl Brower participate in the discussion with Father Taylor and the Rev. Porsha Williams Gates.
Episode 9The Rev. Porsha Williams Gates discusses a grant to the Metro-Urban Institute by the Henry Luce Foundation to respond to the effects of COVID-19 on Black and Latinx communities. The Rev. Dr. Deirdre Hainsworth and the Rev. Dr. John Welch '02 discuss their work on the grant, what they have learned from the communities they have worked with, the value of this work to the Seminary, and the documentary sharing stories of systemic racism and the resilience of communities that is being produced through the grant.
Episode 10Missional leadership, the gospel notion of mission and its distortion, the importance of place, relationship and neighborliness, and the gifts and challenges that the pandemic has offered the church are the focus of this podcast. Porsha explores the Missional Leadership Focus in the Doctor of Ministry Program with DMin student  the Rev. Laura Strauss '09 and Dr. Scott Hagley.
Episode 11Dr. Tucker Ferda, associate professor of New Testament, and the Rev. Porsha Williams Gates talk about why Dr. Ferda loves teaching New Testament Scripture, the value of understanding the biblical world, Scripture as invitation to imagination, and the vital importance of resisting the human tendency to remake Scripture in our own image.