Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and the University of Edinburgh, New College in Scotland, are offering a collaborative agreement which accounts for:

  • theological reflection,
  • practices and habits of ministry,
  • shifting challenges in a global context, and
  • patterns of leadership.

The goal of the program is to develop the ability of participants to formulate theologically based actions directed toward "the great ends of the Church," as these ends have been understood in the Reformed tradition.

To accomplish this purpose, core seminars in the Reformed Focus of the DMin program develop the student's awareness and understanding of Reformed contributions in the areas of biblical studies, theology, ethics, and worship. In addition to these seminars, the Proposal Colloquium and electives are required for the Doctor of Ministry degree.

Classes for this DMin cohort meet for two weeks in January and June for 2.5 years in Pittsburgh and Scotland. This program is 36 credits and is to be completed in three years to four years. Applications to the Reformed Focus of the Doctor of Ministry program are now being accepted. Apply now to reserve your space in the next group.

"The launch of this long-awaited collaborative Doctor of Ministry degree is an exciting opportunity. Academics and clergy from either side of the Atlantic will now be able work together over a three-year period in new and innovative ways, combining residential study and distance learning. Drawing upon the strengths of two long-established institutions, the D.Min. will develop synergies in teaching, learning, and reflective practice. It promises to enrich ministry and church life in both Scotland and the USA." - David Fergusson, Principal of New College, University of Edinburgh

Courses May Include

  • Reformed Theology: Historical, Ecumenical, and Contemporary Perspectives

  • Reformed Approaches to the Bible

  • Ecclesiology, Worship, and Preaching in the Contemporary Church

  • Missional Focus: Themes, Problems, and Prospects in Mission

  • Global Ethical and Social Issues Before the Church and Their Impact on Ministry

  • The Science and Religion Debate: Challenges and Opportunities for Ministry

  • Reformed Theology: Practice and Formation