About WMI

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s World Mission Initiative is committed to offering intercultural, experiential learning opportunities for students and congregation mission leaders to help shape the ways that they engage in God’s mission. By seeing how the Global Church is working to share faith and work for justice and peace, we are encouraged to do the same in ways appropriate to our own contexts. By seeing injustice, racism, and the root causes of poverty around the world, we are better able to see it in our own contextsand find the strength to work for their eradication.

WMI is Seminary-Based

The World Mission Initiative is a program of Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. WMI provides global mission experiences for students, offers programs on campus to raise awareness of global mission issues, and can help students locate overseas internships. All of this is for the goal of preparing students to lead missional congregations as part of their basic theological education.

WMI is Relational

WMI links together three important players in our missionary obedience: Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, Global Mission Partners, and local churches. At the Seminary, we offer the link between the classroom and the mission field. With relationships in many countries, WMI offers students the opportunity to build relationships with leaders from the church in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East.  Through partnership with congregations in our region, we seek to go deeper in our relationships overseas, and identify the connections between global and local mission.

WMI is Congregationally Focused

WMI’s congregational focus seeks to support, educate, and encourage congregations so that they can grow in their knowledge and commitment to mission. We strive to point congregations to God's work in the world and how they can get involved by providing mission resources including assistance with research or listings on this site. WMI consultants are available to speak, consult, and/or teach at area churches. Additionally, we help pastors and committees network to learn more about mission programs and education, as well as trip planning. WMI offers the biennial conference, which is packed with educational workshops and speakers. We also plan various mission workshops and seminars throughout the year.