Students at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and other members of the Seminary or church community are welcome to apply for a PTS Intercultural Learning experience. We will travel to Indonesia, Colombia, and Southwest Florida in January, and to Netherlands and Peru in June. See Schedule of Events for dates.

The 2020 trip application period is Aug. 28-Oct. 9, 2019.

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, through the World Mission Initiative WMI, will place applicants, based on the stated preferences, the number of available spaces, and gender and racial/ethnic balance. Priority is given to first-time student applicants and then other PTS students. Your application is complete when you submit these three things:

  1. Completed online application in the MyPTS portal. Students should log-in to apply. Non-students may also apply. 
  2. Completed health and signature form submitted to the WMI Office.
  3. Non-refundable $200 deposit, which is applied to the balance of your trip cost. You can pay by check or cash in the WMI Office, or use the secure online payment formYour deposit serves as your commitment to participate in the trip. If you decide not to participate in the trip after paying your deposit, you are financially responsible for ALL costs incurred toward your participation in the trip up to that point (including but not limited to airfare).


Mission Trip for Credit

Any PTS student planning to participate in an Intercultural Learning Trip for the first time is required to enroll in the Intercultural Experiential Learning (MI 310) course, which consists of 15 hours of pre-trip orientation (plus preparatory readings) and 15 hours of post-trip reflection and integration. Students will receive three credits. J-Term class registration is Oct. 27-29, 2019. Summer class registration is March 9, 2020. Previous student travelers who have completed the course are required to attend the Wednesday evening pre-trip and Monday evening post-trip classes. 

Non-PTS students are invited to register for the course. The three credit are easily transferable to the Graduate Certificate in Missional Leadership. Non-registered applicants are required to complete five hours pre- and post-trip classroom time.