Statement on the Terrorism in Charlottesville

The hatred and racism displayed in Charlottesville this past weekend are intolerable and must be denounced for what they are: sinful and evil. At the center of the Christian gospel is the fundamental belief that all people are created in the image of God, and so all people are to be respected and valued. “White supremacy” is an evil ideology, standing in direct contradiction to the way of Jesus, which is the way of inclusion and acceptance of all people. As Professor Leanna Fuller wrote earlier today on the Seminary's blog:

“It is quite clear that any attempt to claim that some people are superior to others is a lie. It is a lie designed to sow division, to set God’s children against one another – and as such, it must be rebuked and resisted . . . .  As Christians, it is our job to call sin by its name and to engage in confession and repentance. As Christians, it is our job to affirm that every single person is a beloved child of God.”

We stand with the people of Charlottesville and mourn with families whose loved ones have been lost or injured. And we renew our own commitments to stand against white supremacy and oppose racism in every form it takes.

The Rev. Dr. David Esterline
President, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary