The Center for Writing and Learning Support provides direct writing and learning support to all students in a constructive and enriching atmosphere.

Services for Doctor of Ministry Students

  • Work with you to generate ideas, develop a thesis statement, and begin researching for a major paper or your doctoral paper.
  • Support your revising and editing process by giving you feedback on your writing at the word level, the sentence level, the paragraph level, chapter level, and the overall paper level.
  • Help you refine your course paper or doctoral paper following the Chicago/Turabian style and our additional PTS formatting requirements.
  • Assist you in practicing good and efficient proofreading skills.
  • Aid you in thinking through the rhetorical context in which you write and its effects on your writing.
  • Consider with you the many ways in which excellence in writing will be helpful to you after you complete your Doctor of Ministry program!

How the Center Operates

  • Offering ongoing individual in-person or online consultations of 25 minutes or 50 minutes.
  • Developing and presenting workshops for small groups, as requested by students and/or faculty.
  • Hosting a Writing Group for those working on doctoral papers.
  • Giving presentations in specific classes, as requested by faculty members.
  • Providing online resources, such as “How To” guides for various assignments or aspects of the writing process and links to the very best online writing labs and style guides.
  • Offering a welcoming and dedicated writing space for all writers.
  • Making available a hard-copy library of style manuals and other books for consultationand links to materials available online.
  • Hosting bi-monthly Writers’ Gatherings for everyone who wants to write in solidarity with others.

Where, When, and Who

On-Campus Location: Long Hall 219

Contact: Shan Overton, director of the Center for Writing and Learning Support, by e-mail at or by phone at 412-924-1454.