Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry

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Today, more than 80 percent of the U.S. population—and 50 percent of people worldwide—live in and around urban centers.

The Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry is a flexible program allowing community members and seminarians to explore their Christian vocation in urban settings. This program allows students from all denominations to think about how to apply their faith to where they live, work, and serve.

This hybrid certificate program is offered through the Seminary's Metro-Urban Institute and can be completed as a stand-alone certificate program or combined with a master’s degree program. MUI combines the theory and practice of collaborative community ministry with a program of urban theological education that prepares students for excellence in any context of ministry, but with particular attention to public realities affecting the urban environment.

Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry
Karris Jackson completed her master of theological studies degree in addition to her graduate certificate in urban ministry, which can be combined with a master's degree or completed as a stand-alone certificate.
  • 12 Credit Hours
  • 1Year
  • 4Courses


  • Introduction to Contextual Analysis
  • Introduction to Urban Ministry
  • Metro-Pittsburgh Social and Religious Ecologies
  • Elective

Completing the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry Program

Those seeking the certificate must complete four classes (three credit-hours each) of graduate-level course work related to urban ministry. Required courses include those in urban ministry, contextual analysis, and additional elective options.

Taking two classes per semester, the Certificate in Ministry can be completed in one year. Students may also elect to take one course per semester and complete the program in two years. For those taking evening courses, the program can be completed over two academic years. This flexible certificate program easily fits students’ busy schedules. Becasue the program is hybrid, students can select in-person and online courses. 

Whether you already have a master’s degree or you’re new to seminary, the Graduate Certificate in Ministry is a great way to expand your theological education.

Applying to the Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry Program

Students interested in this certificate program must complete Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s standard application for admission process, and will ordinarily have an undergraduate degree. Merit scholarships and need-based financial aid are available.

Pittsburgh Seminary alums who have completed certain courses within the last 10 years may qualify for advance standing. 


The Graduate Certificate in Urban Ministry examines social and cultural factors shaping life in urban settings and wrestles theologically with ways life together within these contexts is nurtured through the church’s ministries, alignments, and presence.

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