We are so grateful for all those of you who participated in our flipped conference/conversation series on Race and God's Mission during the month of October. It was an inspiring and challenging conversation and we thank our amazing speakers – the Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove, the Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, and Dr. David Campt. We hope this series has inspired, challenged, and called you to action. Our hope and prayers are that this conversation will continue at your home, your church, and community. Our special thanks to the 61 church sponsors and individual donors.   

We encourage you to share your experience on social media using #WMIRaceandMission.

Here are the videos of the live stream sessions and workshops with discussion questions and resource lists. You can use and share them with others to further your conversation on issues of race and God's mission. 

Live Stream Plenary Sessions 

  • First Session - Oct. 7, 2020
    • The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove – Unlearning the Habits of Slaveholder Religion

  • Third Session - Oct. 21, 2020
    • The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove and the Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil - Where Do We Go From Here?

  • Fourth Session - Oct. 28, 2020
    • Dr. David Campt - Keys for Allies to Use Their Superpowers: The Role of Vulnerability and Compassion in Anti-Racism Effectiveness


Post-Conference Resource List 

Pre-Conference Resource List 


E-mail the WMI Office at or call 412-924-1449.

Workshops Videos 

1. Ebralie Mwizerwa – Reclaiming Christian Faith in an Age of Deadly Difference 

2. The Rev. Juan Sarmiento – Beyond First Impressions: From Trips to Transformation

3. The Rev. Patrice Fowler-Searcy – Bridging the Gap: The Story of a Mainline Church, Legacy, and New Residents in a City Neighborhood

4. The Rev. Dr. Hunter Farrell and Tony Igwe – Decolonizing Mission

5. The Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil – Crossing Dividing Lines

6. The Rev. Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove – Revolution of Values: Reclaiming Public Faith for the Common Good