We believe the best creative work happens as part of a larger thriving ecosystem. All members of the ecosystem aren’t meant to be the same, so we delight in the creative energy and varied foci of our collaborators—and we are always looking for new collaborators. Working together makes us better at what we do, opens us to new (and sometimes even disconfirming) information, and makes the work we do more fun. Working together keeps us learning and seeds our visions for future possibilities. Some of our collaborators have included:

Imagination is the first step toward adaptation. Jane Larson '17/'20 speaks to stirring new possibilities in the hearts of students.


This season of the Cyclical Podcast is focused on the connection between adaptation and innovation in leadership. Hosts Nick Warnes (executive director of Cyclical INC) and Karen Rohrer (director of the Center for Adaptive and Innovative Ministry) talk with folks in ministry, faith and food, start-ups, film making, theater, and even psychotherapy about how they have practiced adaptation and innovation in their work. Listen to the podcast.