This upcoming January will be the third year where the Intercultural/Experiential Learning course (MI-310) will be offered by the Seminary. This intensive course generally involves trips to different parts of the world, but due to the pandemic, there will be a series of virtual intercultural encounters with Palestinian Christians to reflect on their context and the mission of the Church as they see it. This course will provide pre-experience orientation in cultural competence and anti-racism, intercultural communication, a theology of short-term mission engagement, area studies for the specific context to be studied, and spiritual practices for mission. After these virtual encounters, students will explore personal, cultural, missiological, and theological strategies for reflecting on intercultural experiences.

WMI Director Hunter Farrell commented, “The Seminary's curriculum required intercultural experiences for MDiv students puts PTS in a category of its own in U.S. theological education. No other seminary is investing the resources PTS is to get our students and faculty to the cutting edge of where God is engaging in mission today.”

Since this is a required course for all MDiv students, it will enable some seminarians who have not met this requirement to take the class and experience intercultural learning without the need to travel to other parts of the world. We appreciate your continued support and prayers as we prepare men and women to engage in God’s ongoing mission in our multifaceted world and the difficult times we all are facing.