“The only people who see the whole picture are those who step outside the frame.” - Indo-British novelist Salman Rushdie

Pittsburgh Theological Seminary’s World Mission Initiative is organizing two intercultural trips in 2022 to help participants see their own ministry with new eyes by stepping outside your context. These trips are part of a required Intercultural/Experiential Learning course (MI-310) that will be offered by the Seminary every January Term. This course will provide pre-experience orientation in cultural competence and anti-racism, intercultural communication, a theology of short-term mission engagement, area studies for the specific context to be studied, and spiritual practices for mission. 

Since 2001, WMI has sent 952 individuals to 60 countries!

WMI Director Hunter Farrell commented, “The Seminary's curriculum required intercultural experiences for MDiv students puts PTS in a category of its own in U.S. theological education. No other seminary is investing the resources PTS is to get our students and faculty to the cutting edge of where God is engaging in mission today.”

New York City

Exegeting the Urban City for Intercultural Wisdom

Jan. 7-16, 2022 | Cost: $1,800

Participants will discover that geographical and social contexts powerfully shape congregational identity and understandings. Urban spaces have a profound social and cultural connection to racial identity. We will learn from interculturally competent mission leaders who understand that while the gospel is a timeless truth, it enters ever-changing and diverse human contexts.

Trip co-leaders: Marsha Snulligan-Haney, Wanda Lundy, and Bala Khyllep

U.S./Mexico Border

U.S. Border Policy and Human Need: The Churches Respond

Jan. 10-19, 2022 | Cost: $1,800

Learners will experience life on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border in order to understand how churches perceive and engage in God’s mission in the context U.S./Mexico border policy and the humanitarian situation of Mexican and Central American refugees. We will learn from mission partners about public theology and witness in context.

Trip co-leaders: Ruth Boykin and Hunter Farrell

Registration Information

Application Period: Aug. 30-Oct. 7, 2021 

Apply online at www.pts.edu/apply-now

Trip With Credit

Any PTS student planning to participate in an Intercultural Learning Trip for the first time is required to enroll in the Intercultural Experiential Learning (MI 310) course. Students will receive three credits. J-Term class registration is Oct. 25-29, 2021.

Trip Without Credit

Students who have traveled before and completed the course are required to attend the Wednesday evening pre-trip and Monday evening post-trip classes.

Non-PTS students are required to register/audit for the course. 

For any questions contact Lisa Bunting at lbunting@pts.edu.