Types of Certificate Aid

Our certificate program students are an integral part of who we are as an institution. Therefore, all certificate-level students are eligible for both need-based aid tuition grants and merit scholarships. Eligible certificate programs include Ministry, Missional Leadership, Theological Studies, and Urban Ministry. Learn more about available aid below.

Types of Adaptive and Innovative Ministry Certificate Aid

The Adaptive and Innovative Ministry Certificate program is happy to offer students financial aid in the form of merit awards. These awards are on a first-come, first-served basis. Award amounts are either 1/3 ($1,880) or 2/3 ($3,760) of the amount of tuition charges.

Applicants are considered for a merit award upon admission to the program. All awards are based upon the individual’s admission application. There is no other paperwork to complete.

AIM Cost of Attendance

Below is the cost of attendance (COA) for the Adaptive and Innovative Ministry (AIM) program. The COA will serve several purposes. First, it will allow PTS to provide candidates and students with a general idea of how much the program will cost in the given year. Secondly, it will allow us to maximize the usage of our own internal funds as we seek to provide a high-quality yet affordable degree for students. Lastly, it will provide a point of context for outside organizations that wish to provide support to our students.

This COA was determined by comparing it to similar program offerings at the seminary, set tuition rates at the seminary, average cost of equipment, as well calculations done by the Director of the program regarding travel expenses.

Students are able to receive up to 100 percent of their cost of tuition from PTS. They may receive up to the COA from outside scholarships, grants, or private loans. If a student’s outside aid is greater than their COA, two things may happen. First, a review of their COA to see if an increase is allowable. Second, a reduction in their PTS aid in order to meet COA requirements.

Tuition (12 credits) $5,640
Books $500
Equipment (computer) $800
Travel $1,200
Total $8,140